Powdery eyebrow tattoos

The new high-definition version of the powdery eyebrow tattoo shading. Much softer, more subtle effect provided, but not too strong or vulgar, and yet is more durable than the fiber from. The make-up world, this technique has been known for years, actually this is taken over into the tattoo. The secret of a nice curved shape, fine focus and that the first phase of eyebrows corner of eye close brighter than the end, not supplied by which an unnatural effect and softens facial lines is. Fine gradient is made after healing gives the effect of natural natural type of make up nicely pronounced eyebrows. Yes great popularity among those who want a more permanent solution to the eyebrow tattoo.

Microblading eyebrow tattoos

The Microblading a revolutionary technology in the world of tattoos eyebrows. Exactly what does that mean? What revolution? In fact, an ancient method may have been used again and the 21st-century tools. Manually produced during the proceedings blade shape and color of the pre-planned carefully face form the best fit eyebrows. This technique is so unique because it provides a completely natural effect . So natural that it is difficult to distinguish with the naked eye tattooed on the skin or “scratched” in their thread fibers. After all, the whole point of this procedure is that its settlement form is available as a model, that is adapted to the curved shape of the skin fibers scratched. Based on a common understanding color, but a wide selection of pigments closest to your own threads are selected to achieve the most natural color effects. Since hand-made tattoo technique, so all depends on the individual as the result of performing a tattoo person hand taste of, excelent, from routine, and implementation of technology used.

3D eyelashes construction

The beauty and natural-looking terms important for every woman. The 3D eyelashes can help you achieve this. You do not need to bother with it in the morning spirálozással, do not stick together, even as a nice effect can be achieved up to the make-up is to forget to emphasize our eyes. The 3D eyelashes not only extend but also enriches lashes per eye as it may appear momentary 100-250 pieces, but even more difficult because of the pilládat so easy. Today thickness, length, color and style has a wide selection is available. And the most important not to damage the lashes, as mentioned in appropriately selected Pilla not tear or break off the natural eyelash and even exchanged with it, so you do not feel a Pilli.

Eyebrow Shaping

Eyebrows frame your face, so it is important to appropriately selected shape, thickness and color. In order to reach the perfect fit for your face shape eyebrows, certainly you need the help of professionals. If you do not like the final solution that the tattoo you choose the eyebrows formatting. The word no longer means the same as a few years ago. Today, in addition to taking the form of painting is also included in the service, the professionalism and the way in which professionals face the changing framework of an appropriate shape and color. and it can be nicely corrected a previous botched picking up to this procedure.

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